Movies and TV shows with a body positivity message

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Movies and TV shows with a body positivity message

Hollywood was not always the friendliest environment when the subject is diversity. The most famous movies starred the most famous actresses – and this selected group of women used to follow the same restricted beauty standard. 

Being thin, of course, was one of the most requested features. “Real bodies” that did not follow this rule were practically excluded and a body positivity message was nonexistent. 

This aesthetic pressure affected the actresses who worked in the movies and also millions of women who watched them.

Fortunately, this concept is changing. The industry still has a lot to evolve and improve, but some current productions are progressing and increasingly casting more diversity.

 We selected great examples of that: so, if you’re looking for movies and TV shows that spread a body positivity vibe, check out our list now!


  1.   Hairspray

This movie, originally made in 1988, entered the hall of musical classics and gained a remake in 2007. It tells, in a very good mood, the story of teenagers from Baltimore, who dream about a spot on the dance show “The Corny Collins”. Tracy Turnblad, an overweight young girl is one of them, and she sees her life change completely as she becomes a super star.


  1.      Little Miss Sunshine

The Hoover family is clumsy and unsuccessful, but everything changes when the youngest member Olive is invited to a beauty contest.They set off on this mission crossing the country in their minibus. Olive's and her family's trajectory brings funny yet touching reflections about aesthetic pressure. 


  1.      Dumplin’

 Willowdean (a.k.a Dumplin’) is the overweight daughter of a former beauty queen, but regardless of it, feels pretty confident about her body and looks. However, everything changes when she falls in love with an athlete. Willowdean starts to feel insecure and decides to enter a beauty contest as a form of protest. 


  1.    Last Holiday


Georgia Byrd is an overweight and shy woman who is diagnosed with a terminal illness. The moment she discovers it, she decides to change her life completely: she travels to Europe to enjoy her last moments the best way possible.


  1. Queer Eye

This is not a movie: actually, it is a TV Reality show. However, its purpose and message are super cute and positive. The “Fab Five” (group of experts) help people with low self-esteem improve their lifestyle. What sets the show apart from other makeover shows is that  instead of judging and imposing changes, they highlight people’s best features, in an inclusive and respectful way. 


Have you ever watched any of these movies? Do you have any movie recommendations on this topic? We are happy to see body positive characters and messages being spread through cinema and hope it happens more often.