An awesome community promoting body positivity and self-love. At Loola, we aim to introduce the world to our go-to shapewear by promoting self-confidence and body positivity all the while enhancing your style, and your day.

The Loola crew is a diverse group of ambassadors. They are real women with real passion about shaping change, revolutionizing shapewear, and body positivity. Our team is an extension of Loola and represents our brand through social promotion, community engagement, and innovation.

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 Have an active account on any of those social media platforms: (Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter) in the following areas: (Fashion, fitness and health, beauty, elegance).

 Have a real audience of organic followers that interact with your content.

 Have a number of followers not less than 5K and provide us with a screenshot of your account statistics and insight.

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