Our Story

The free spirit of Brazil, the passion, the movement, the beauty and the curves inspired the story of Loola.

Brought into the world with the purpose of providing solutions to women of all shapes and sizes, Loola is your go to shapewear to help you conquer whatever your plan is, night or day, while combining current style with just the right amount of control, allowing you to shape each day as it comes.

Our brand values the feminine silhouette by providing the perfect sense of balance between comfort and technology for every lady and every occasion, while giving them a feeling of self-confidence and ease.

With its light, malleable, trendy and comfortable corsets, Loola is setting new standards by providing exceptional shapewear style for everyone that is all about Shape. Comfort. Style.

Our Vision

From the beginning, we trusted in creating the next generation of smoothing and improving shapewear solutions for every woman out there, so that they work as a perfect underwear base and sculpt the figure with targeted support.

With its additional firm control, Loola shapewear transforms your back, stomach, waist, & hips, helping you look and feel your best.

Our vision is to offer something for every woman out there, regardless of her target areas or style preferences. Our shapewear has the ability to turn the problem into a solution without losing any female movement and without feeling too tightening.

Our Mission

Every lady deserves to feel comfortable and confident, therefore, our mission is to create totally innovative shapewear combining both, and intended for everybody.

There are areas that we would all like a touch of extra control on, regardless of whether it’s a bit of lift in the butt or the bust, or a little added support in our hips and thigh region, Loola has it all.

Made with the use of state of the art machines that allow the blend of various threads and stitches, our shapewear allows various degrees of texture elasticity in various parts of a similar piece, and the results are modern and comfortable pieces that give that extra confidence boost!