Thank you for your interest in working with us in growing the Loola shapewear brand.  This is the first step to become a Loola partner.

By becoming a partner, you will be joining a diverse team of experts committed to:

Opening wide the doors to our awesome products, all at wholesale pricing.

Bringing to market top quality shapewear items made with the latest technology.

Supporting partners in understanding their market growth potential, and achieving profitability through an all-inclusive business development strategy that includes product knowledge and training, product samples, and robust marketing tools.

High Profitability

The combination of high-performance, technological and innovative products, sustainable packaging, practicality and competitive prices all make LOOLA products attractive to the market. 

Marketing Materials

At LOOLA , we know how important it is for the supporting material to be of a quality to win over and delight customers. As a result, the brand features innovative design items accompanying every order.

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Our Requirements:

• Ownership of a company incorporated in the retail sector of cosmetics.

• Enough capital for initial investment.

• Availability of desired regions.

• Provide correct and accurate information while filling the submission form.

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