Mistakes that ruin your outfit

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Mistakes that ruin your outfit

We've all done it: we spent many hours searching through the closet to find the ideal outfit, then confidently went outside and found that our impeccable outfit had been tainted. Have you ever felt like this? Do you want to avoid this situation? So, here are some mistakes that totally ruin your outfit (and how you can fix it):

Creases in clothing

Female smoothing out wrinkles on the washed shirt


The unkempt and disorganized appearance of a wrinkled shirt or a pair of uncleanly pressed slacks is beyond comprehension. Make sure your clothes are wrinkle-free and ironed if you want to look your best! Additionally, you can visit the dry cleaners twice a month with some of your most contentious shirts and slacks!

Dirty footwear 

Feet of people standing on road in colorful paint


Did you realize that there is dirt and dust all around? No matter if you are wearing high heels, sneakers, or mountain boots, as soon as you step out onto the street, your feet will pick up some dirt from moving around. When you go back home, take your time cleaning them up with some baby wipes or a soft cloth.


Being a walking neon billboard wherever you go is neither chic nor fashionable. Choose simple, neutral pieces instead that look decent and can be combined with the majority of your collection.

Hairs, crumbs, and other stains

Close-up of holi color powder on women's jean

Some things, like cat hair, food crumbs, dandruff, and others, just don't belong on your clothes. Before leaving the house, always take a quick glance in the mirror to make sure that any stray hairs or stains have been taken care of on your clothes.

Visible bra straps

Visible bra straps are another classic fashion faux pas. You should use adhesive silicone pads or strapless bras with some clothing, such as spaghetti strap gowns and off-the-shoulder shirts. There are plenty of other options that also work.

Flashing panties

It's typically not a nice experience to be flashed, whether it's by a speed camera or someone in their underwear. Always make sure that your underwear is worn UNDER your other clothing, regardless of how short, transparent, or tight it is!

Wearing dry, cracking leather (and keeping your leather goods by the sun)

If your leather items are exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time, they will age prematurely and get discolored, dried out, and cracked. Instead, keep leather objects away from heating vents and windows that are in the sun. Doing so over time will cause the leather to become brittle.

Putting on too many accessories

Funny retro photobooth party flat elements set. cartoon headbands, cat ears, eyeglasses, hats, face masks isolated vector illustration collection. carnival accessories and fun concept


You can refine your appearance and inject a little bit of your personality into it with the help of a statement necklace, a pair of bright earrings, or a set of bangles. However, over-accessorizing might backfire and give the impression that you are wearing a costume rather than a well-thought-out dress.

Way too long pants

Finding off-the-rack clothing that precisely fits you can be challenging unless it's custom-made. Your appearance can be revitalized by getting your jeans hemmed or waisted-cinched. 

If your pants are too long, stitching witchery is a fantastic last-minute solution if you urgently need to hem your pants but are unable to go to the tailor.

We often don't pay enough attention to details, but details have the power to make an outfit look amazing or ruin it completely. 

To be well dressed, you don't need to be wearing the newest trends or most expensive clothes. Just choose elegant pieces and pay attention to the details that we mention in this article!

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