5 Main Body Shapes: Which one is yours?

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5 Main Body Shapes: Which one is yours?

When you are aware of the kind of clothing that will look well on you and give you a confident appearance, dressing for your physique is simple. When you know what shape your body is, choosing clothing is quicker and easier since you can start figuring out what silhouettes look well on you. 

Discover your body shape right now with our handy guide and descriptions, and start learning how to dress for it!

5 Main Body Shapes


Female body shapes

The rectangle, inverted triangle, hourglass, pear, and apple are the five most common body types. Stand in front of a full-length mirror with only your underwear or no clothes at all to start figuring out your physical shape. 

  • Inverted triangle

    An inverted triangle, often known as an upside-down triangle, is any body form with larger proportions on top than on bottom when establishing body type. This body type is also athletic because the waist and legs are noticeably narrower than the bust and shoulders. 


    Take the whole width of your shoulders, bust, and hips when taking a measurement for this body type. You have an inverted triangle body shape if your waist is much smaller than your hips and bust combined. Choose clothing that emphasizes your lower body and lengthens your legs with nude shoes when dressing for this body type.

  • Hourglass

    This body type is so-called because of the way your waist is shaped in relation to your bust and hips. Examine your physique in the full-length mirror to see if you have an hourglass figure. An hourglass body is most likely what you have if your curves mimic those of a coke bottle. 


    By taking measurements of your shoulders, bust, and hips, you can also identify this shape. Your body measures will all be roughly the same width, similar to the rectangular form, but the hourglass figure is notable due to the distinct waist contour. Further evidence that you have an hourglass body shape is if your waist is noticeably depressed.

  • Pear

    A pear body type has a narrow top and wider hips and legs, similar to how a pear is shaped. You can find this out by taking measurements or using your full-length mirror. You likely have a pear-shaped body type if your shoulders and breast are noticeably smaller than the breadth of your hips. 


    Draw attention to your shoulders, arms, and back while emphasizing your waist to add additional contour.

  • Apple

    A more circular form, no definition in the waist, and similar measurements are key indicators of an apple-shaped body. Measure the widths of your shoulders, bust, and hips to find out if you have an apple shaped body. 


    If your dimensions are quite similar or even identical, you may have an apple body type. When dressing for your apple shape, choose structured pieces that give crisp lines to your overall appearance because they frequently help to shrink your tummy.

  • Rectangle

    The most straightforward body type is the rectangle. Due to the similar widths of the features in the characteristics of women who identify with this body type, it is frequently called an athletic build. Similar widths are found in the shoulders, bust, and hips of rectangle-shaped bodies. 


    Shorter women with a rectangle body type may appear heavier and shorter than they actually are. Measure the distance between your shoulders, bust, and hips to find out if you are a rectangle. You are probably a rectangular shape if all of your dimensions are consistent across the board. 


    If you want to avoid having a boxy appearance, wear clothes that give your body more of an hourglass shape, or mix up your outfits with layers and different clothing sizes.


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    Shopping clothes may really turn into a pleasant confidence booster once you understand your body type and how to dress to highlight your attributes!


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