How to practice self care and self love everyday

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How to practice self care and self love everyday

Self-love can mean a lot of different things to different people. But everyone wants to be happy and healthy.

Taking care of yourself is more than important if you want to reach self-love - it is essential. So, why don’t you decide to offer a present to yourself? After all, you are the most important person in your life! Thinking about that, here in this article, there are some strategies to practice self-care and unconditional love on a daily basis!


Enjoy your own company

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What if you learned to spend some time with yourself on a regular basis? There is no better method to reintroduce yourself to oneself.


Take use of the time to do things you enjoy, such as a skincare routine, a walk away from the daily grind, painting or dance courses, and so on. What matters is that you find something that makes you happy.


Stay healthy

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Small changes in your lifestyle, from physical activity to healthy food, can help you achieve greater physical and mental health.


Physical activity aids in the prevention of some diseases. It also boosts dopamine and serotonin (feel-good chemicals) production while lowering cortisol levels (the stress hormone). Consistency is the key, and to reach it, you need to select activities that you enjoy - this way, you’ll stay motivated.


Also, a nutritious diet can aid in the prevention of certain diseases, the improvement of sleep quality, and the promotion of mental health.


Celebrate all your accomplishments (even the small ones)


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Do you consider the glass to be half-full or half-empty? Another technique to exercise self-care is to celebrate your tiny achievements on a daily basis. Being proud of what you've accomplished keeps you motivated, and reminds you of your greatness. Small (but consistent) steps can take us really far!



Surround yourself with positive people

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People who inspire you, encourage you, and make you feel wonderful are the people you need to keep by your side! People who mock you and get you down do not belong in your life. 

Allow yourself to pause

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The frenetic dash against the clock keeps you from pausing to appreciate the current moment. When was the last time you sat down to enjoy your cup of coffee or tea without your phone and away from the screens? Give yourself a break once in a while and enjoy the little (but amazing) details that happen to us every day.

Learn to say no

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Have you ever accepted something you didn’t actually need or want in order to satisfy someone else? Whether in business or in your personal life, you have the right to say no. Despite your excellent intentions, you cannot always be present for people. You owe it to yourself to think about your options.

Putting yourself first and taking care of your mental health is not a bad thing. Everyone goes through terrible periods in their lives. Remember that practicing self-care is essential for everyone and accept that you can't always do everything alone. 


Plus, if you feel like you need help, don’t be afraid to open yourself with your friends, family and seek professional help.