How do you use shapewear?

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How do you use shapewear?

With a party dress, professional attire, or jeans and a T-shirt, shapewear can help you look thinner and more svelte. Because it may feel challenging to understand or put on, shapewear is sometimes avoided by women. But it’s worth it if you do it correctly!

Are you part of the group that doesn’t wear shapewear because you have no idea how to use it? Your problems are over: in this article, we are going to explain how to use shapewear and the main doubts about it!

Wearing shapewear - step by step

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  • You'll become stuck if you try to lift shapewear above your shoulders and head. Never attempt to put on your shapewear like a regular article of clothes. Take your time putting on shapewear because it is made to be really tight.

  • While putting on your shapewear, keep the gusset fastenings and hooks fastened. This will assist in placing everything in its proper location.

  • On damp or recently moisturized skin, avoid attempting to put on shapewear. It will be nearly impossible to do this.

  • If wearing tights, the slippery shapewear fabric has the potential to cause your tights to slide down. This issue can be resolved by putting them underneath your shapewear.

  • Be patient and move gently. Once you put them on, you might need to take a nap, but the outcome will be worthwhile!

Common doubts

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  • Do you use underwear under shapewear?

  • Although there are various amounts of compression in shapewear, they are all designed to be very snug so they can work! The prevalent assumption is that you can wear shapewear without wearing underwear because of that. It could feel uncomfortable and excessively tight if you wear both at the same time.

  • Do you use a bra with a body shaper? 

  • It depends on your body shaper design. Some body shapers already come with built in bust support. In this case, you probably won’t feel the need of a bra. Some other body shapers’ designs don’t come with a built in bust support, but this is easy to solve: you can wear your own bra along with the suit.

  • Can you use shapewear to go to work?

  • Sure! You can use shapewear for any occasion as long as it makes you feel comfortable. Using shapewear to work can provide you some positive effects, such as confidence and self esteem boost. 

    Plus, there are shapewear designs for all types of occasions, including daily use: these pieces have a special design and fabrics, so they feel lighter, soft, breathable and more comfortable.

    How firmly should shapewear fit?

    Because it can be challenging to provide an answer, the essential word here is comfort. Your shapewear should feel snug and supportive while also allowing you to breathe and move around freely. 

    It should come as no surprise that wearing clothing that is too restrictive can result in a number of issues, including breathing difficulties, irritation, and even gastric discomfort. Put on shapewear with assurance and let it give you composure. 

    There is no need for you to feel uncomfortable by donning too-tight shapewear. Wear shapewear that fits precisely, allows you to breathe easily, and makes you seem attractive as you pay attention to your body!

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